Alex Beschloss

VP of Conference

Alex Beschloss (MS1) is incredibly excited to be a member of PennHealthX where he can further learn about the progress of the intersection of healthcare and technology. He is especially excited about the increasing promise of utilizing big data to provide personalized and improved care to all. Alex arrived at Perelman one year after having graduated from Williams College, where he played baseball. During this year, he helped perform basic science research in Orthopedics at Stanford and worked with the non-profit, Global Oncology in Boston.

Ashwin Amurthur

VP of Labs

Ashwin grew up in West Windsor, New Jersey before coming to Penn to pursue dual-degrees in Bioengineering and Finance from Penn Engineering and the Wharton School. Having fostered interests in innovation and commercialization of new technologies, after graduation, he co-founded and served as Chief Technology Officer for GTRACK Technologies, an applied nanoscience company developing fluorescent nanoparticle tracers for the oil & gas industry.


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