Ari Wes
Dr. Jesse Taylor

Venture Description: 

Distraction is a form of temporary bony fixation that generates new bone at the site of a surgical bony cut through the gradual separation of the opposing bony fragments. This technique is used across the entire skeleton, and increasingly in cranio-maxillo-facial and spine surgery, to correct a variety of conditions that result in growth restriction or deformation. Though distraction represents a critical tool for surgeons, it has significant limitations and complications such as soft tissue tissue infections and scarring that have prevented its widespread adoption.

Ostiio is developing a novel distractor that can be fully buried under the patient's skin, and expanded wirelessly and with precision.By eliminating the external protruding component, our device will significantly reduce post-operative infection, pain, and the stigma of distraction. Ostiio’s distractor will be engaged magnetically through the use of a computerized external device with a built-in feedback loop to allow for more precise and predictable expansion than with currently available distractors. This design significantly reduces the level of patient / family engagement, and is likely to greatly reduce compliance failures and their sequelae. In bringing its device to market, Ostiio plans to leverage the already favorable regulatory and reimbursement environments surrounding the distractor space.


Recipient of PennHealthX Ventures Seed Funding
Currently prototyping