Ryan O'Keefe

Ryan is interested in all things healthcare, from what can be seen under the microscope, to the 50,000-foot view of larger economic trends. Famously quoted as saying “I came to Penn Med for Health-X”, he would be remiss to not be a board member. After completing his B.A in biology at The College of the Holy Cross, Ryan spent 2 years researching breast cancer and metastasis with the Haber-Maheswaran Lab at MGH. There, he was introduced to the cross-roads of medicine, innovation, and business. An avid podcast enthusiast, and news-letter subscriber, Ryan is on a mission to share the stories, lessons, and knowledge of those working in the H-MET space. The greatest breakthroughs in medicine are still to come, and he hopes to both bear witness to it, and be on the frontlines.