Ventures - Apply


  • Teams are required to submit the following documents:
    • Written Application
    • Team member’s CVs
  • All questions can be sent to
  • Application deadline for 2018 cycle: April 20th, 2018



  • Originality and robustness of technology: Proposed products will be assessed on their ability to solve a current problem within the healthcare space and the feasibility of their production.
  • Marketability: Proposed products will be evaluated on their potential to fill a current demand gap in the healthcare space. Companies will be evaluated on how thoroughly they have planned their path to commercialization and accounted for the risk factors they are likely to face.
  • Team composition and strength: Teams will be assessed based on vision, experience, and collective enthusiasm to realize their idea.
  • Relevance to healthcare management, entrepreneurship, or technology: Teams intending to use funds solely for academic research purposes will not be given consideration.
  • Stage of startup development/funding: Consideration will be given to the stage at which the team is in commercializing the product. Teams in earlier stages of development will be given stronger consideration.
  • Team and idea meet all of the eligibility requirements.
  • Review process: Applications will be reviewed and seed funding announcements will be made on May 4th, 2018